Four months agromet consultancy for FAO in Georgia

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Four months agromet consultancy for FAO in Georgia

Postby rene » Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:30 am

FAO is looking for an international expert in agrometeorological systems analysis to assess the feasibility of developing agrometeorological services in Georgia, in the framework of an ongoing FAO project. This is an assignment of 35 working days to be carried out in 2015. See required qualifications at the end.

If you are the right person, request the full Terms of Reference (TORs) and/or send your CV directly to Olga Buto at the FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia in Budapest ( and to Reuben Sessa (FAO HQ, Rome, indicating that your are interested in the position of International Expert on Agro-meteorological Systems for project GCP/GEO/004/AUT (Capacity Development of the Ministry of Agriculture).

The document I have seen did not have a deadline... but it is certainly very short. Don't wait.

Terms of reference

1. Assess and evaluate current capacities of the Agrometeorological services:

1.1 Infrastructure and equipment (including remote sensing and GIS facilities), and compliance with WMO relevant installation standards

1.2 Identify weaknesses and limitations of current agro-meteorological forecasting and dissemination of information.

1.3 System and services from the perspective of providing services (inclusive of demands/needs of information products) to farming communities, private sector and policy makers

2. Discuss with the relevant decision makers at the MoA and MoENP and facilitate the establishment of a permanent high level working group (WG) with the responsibility to lead activities and address issues of mutual concern in agrometeorological development initiative:

2.1 Develop terms of reference of a WG

2.2 Guide and provide on-the job trainings (technical and management) to the members of a WG

2.3 Comment on institutional set-up of agromet system and services with clearly defined tasks and responsibilities of institutions and personnel involved

3. Review and discuss the concept of phyto-geographical units with a WG, and recommend:

3.1 Criteria for delimitation and establishment of phyto-geographical units throughout Georgia

3.2 On terms of reference and time delimitated activity plan to delimitate and establish phyto-geographical units

4. Review and discuss the concept of extension climatologist with a WG, and recommend:

4.1 On institutionalization of this position within the MoA extension service including Scientific Research Center (SRC) and district level Information and Consulting Centers (ICC)] across phyto-geographical units

4.2 Terms of references for an extension climatologist positions within SRC and ICC

4.3 On institutional set-up and linkages between the MoA extension system and the MoENP agromet

5. Recommend on criteria to determine the number and category of Agromet stations to be established:

5.1 In regard to the number of Agromet stations, consider factors such as area coverage, the density of observational network, types and sub-types of climate, spatial variation in natural vegetation, major crops grown and agriculture methods, equipment’s security, etc.

5.2 In reference to the category of Agromet stations, consider principal, ordinary, auxiliary, and of specific purpose stations

5.3 Support WG to develop time delimitated activity plan to determine the number, locations, and category of Agromet stations

5.4 The type of equipment (inclusive of specifications and present market prices) and enclosures, including the coverage by GSM signal for an automatic data transmission

5.5 Installation of equipment in accordance with WMO standards

6. Recommend training programmes to be held locally for Agromet, SRC and ICC staff covering operational, technical, analytical, and communication aspects

7. Recommend on approaches to provide agromet clients with accessible, relevant, credible, timely, compatible, and utilizable services

8. Support the MoA and MoENP to design a training programme to partner with relevant international institution(s)
Finalize a proposal with different options, integrating the comments received during the various meetings, and including a budget and a workplan for implementation.


At least a master’s degree in agriculture and/or meteorology or related field;

At least five years of relevant practical field experience in agro meteorology system development/support for agricultural extension services;

Computer literacy with spreadsheets, databases and electronic programs is required;

Excellent communication (both written and oral) and presentation skills;

Knowledge of Georgian rural communities is desired;

Fluency in English. Knowledge of Russian is desirable.
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