Fellowships in agricultural and environmental monitoring

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Fellowships in agricultural and environmental monitoring

Postby rene » Tue Jun 09, 2015 8:49 am

Dear colleagues,

The president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is launching the President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) for 2016. Submissions are expected to be received throughout July and August ( 2015) for the three categories of (A) "Distinguished Scientists", (B) "Visiting Scientists" and (C) "Post-doctoral Researchers". Details of the call can be found here: http://english.cas.cn/cooperation/fello ... 5274.shtml.

If you are interested in agricultural and environmental monitoring, why not join the Digital Agriculture Division of Prof Wu Bingfang in the Remote Sensing and Digital Earth Institute in Beijing? We would be pleased to hear from you and if you qualify, we'll provide all needed assistance with your application. CAS is a modern, sophisticated and friendly working environment!

We focus on three main themes:

1. Global crop monitoring and forecasting (CropWatch). We publish regular global crop condition bulletins (http://www.cropwatch.com.cn/) and have an interest in food security, crop modelling, ground and satellite-based an monitoring indicators, regional crop forecasting, GIS, data dissemination and other subjects;

2. Land cover mapping and vegetation monitoring at regional scale. We completed the China National Land Cover Database (ChinaCover for 1990, 2000 and 2010) with 30m resolution and 38 classes with an overall accuracy of about 85% (ChinaCover2010). The 2000-2010 time series include fractional vegetation cover, LAI, FPAR, NPP, phenology and forest above-ground biomass estimation using airborne LiDAR and scaling models;

3. Evapotranspiration management and monitoring (ETWatch), including Basin-wide ET Management based on basin-scale water consumption balance, allowable water consumption, identification of water consumption tradeoffs, competition and feedback among different water sectors.

If you work in one of the subjects listed above and are tempted by a different environment, kindly send an email to Prof. Wu (wubf@radi.ac.cn, the CAS host) with your CV and indicate your technical field and preferred category. For categories B and C, kindly draft a short visitor’s program or research proposal to discuss with Prof. Wu before embarking on the formal application.

Additional details on the application procedure are given below. A contact person will be assigned to help you with the application.

Best regards

René Gommes
CAS, Beijing

In order to comply with he requirements of he submission, the following documents will need to be prepared:

1. Application form in English (Please download the application form from http: //english.bic.cas.cn /AF/Fe/201408/P020140808520936062440.xls.)

2. A recent passport-sized digital photograph (in colour)

3. Copy of passport data page

4. Personal CV in English (including education and work experience)

5. Copy of the highest obtained educational diploma/degree certificate, and/or professional qualification certificates

6. Research proposal (except applicants for distinguished scientists), including objective, detailed description of project, timetable and reasons for the collaboration

7. For post-doctoral researchers, two recommendation letters from two professors in relevant fields (one of whom should be the applicant’s former PhD supervisor)


Send your application form and all material to Xue Shuyi (Xuesy@radi.ac.cn) or your contact person, she (he) will take responsibility to submit your application via our online application system, and your material will be translated to Chinese.
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